Photographic Journey of the Horse

The horse is a complex, intriguing animal. Anatomy-of-the-Equine is the unraveling of this complexity, a quest to understand the horse from the ground up.

As hoof care providers, we have sought to understand what diagnostic tools do not show. For instance, why does the external hoof not always reflect the soundness of the horse? A comprehensive understanding of what is deep inside the hoof is critical. Without it, we are often only making assumptions.

To help farriers, veterinarians and informed horse owners, we created a bridge between "book" anatomy and the living breathing horse.

By using a variety of modalities to learn the anatomy of horses including carefully dissecting, diligently photographing and then identifying all of the structures; this allows us to visualize and understand the inter- relationship between the structures.

We welcome sharing our photographic journeys and collaborating with other professionals providing photos for scientific journals, veterinary lectures, textbooks and more.

The Anatomy-of-the-Equine photos unravel some of the mystery of lameness, injuries and day-to-day care. We look forward to collaborating with professionals in every field.

Please see the links below for more in-depth information and additional resources that Anatomy-of-the-Equine has to offer.


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